Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reading Super Powers!

Emerging readers are growing a collection of strategies to use in their reading work for determining unknown words. Instead of calling them strategies with my readers (though they do know that term, too) we call them SUPER POWERS! It is more motivating and it sets the tone of bravery with word solving (not just trying to sound it out then helplessly looking at the teacher). Here's how it works:
Each reader is presented with their very own "Reading Super Powers" strategy card inside a plastic page protector. It helps to present it in a very ceremonial way, possibly even wearing a cape! As they learn new strategies, a reminder post-it is added to their super powers card. This happens gradually over time through reading groups and in conferring. I present different strategies depending on each reader's growth.

When children read on their own, they have the super powers card close by to remind them of their strategies. If they come to an unknown word...HAVE NO FEAR! YOUR SUPER POWERS CARD IS NEAR!

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