Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teaching Readers to Warm-Up with a Book.

Young readers benefit from previewing a book before diving in to read it. It helps them get a sense of what the story will be about and to begin to think about the words they may see in the text. I used to call this routine a "picture walk" but I've come to discover that strong readers are really doing more than just looking at the pictures when they warm up. Also, it's a good habit to preview books that don't even have consistent pictures. For these reasons, I've started calling it a "book walk" or just "warming up" with a book.

This is the chart is use with my class as I am introducing this process. I use real pictures of the actual book I used as a model (a favorite...Wishy Washy Day!):
The rest of the chart is just sentence strips of various colors. Keeping these separate helps me to build the chart gradually as I introduce the process to the class. 

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