Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meeting Greetings

Each morning, we start our class meeting with a greeting. I write our greetings on large Popsicle sticks and store them in a cute mini-pail from Target. As we learn new greetings, we keep adding to the collection (and we take away those we get tired of!). 

Here are some class' favorite greetings:

One approach is to learn different ways to greet each other in different languages:
Italian: "Ciao __________."
French: "Bonjour __________."
Spanish: "Hola ____________."
Korean: "An nyoung __________."
Chinese: "Ni hao __________."
Swahili: "Jambo ____________."
You can also add a greeting called "Around the World." Each student chooses a language to greet the next when standing in a circle. This works best when you have learned a lot of greetings in other languages! You can also include English greetings in this,too.

Another type of greeting my class enjoys is a "name game" type greeting:

Hello Everyone: Together the class sings this song, "Hello everyone, what do you say, it's gonna' be a happy day. So greet your neighbor /shake-shake-shake/ (gather hands and shake), and boogie on down /boogie-boogie-boogie/ (do a little twist dance), give 'em a bump /bump-bump/ (gently bumping hips), and turn around (turn)." A nice variation is changing the type of day (happy--> fun, exciting, great).

Jump Jump: The class sings this song and repeats until each child has a turn. (To the tune of BINGO) "There is a kid who's in our class and _____is his name-o, jump jump _____, jump jump ______, jump jump ______, and ______is his name-o."

1 Minute Hello: Sounds simple but the kids LOVE it! Set a timer for 1 minute. They mingle around greeting each other, "Hello ______."

What Do you See: This is a class chant set to the rhythm of "Brown Bear." "__(name)____, __(name)__ who do you see?" the child responds using another child's name, "I see _______ looking at me." Continue until all children have been named. 

Fishing: One child stands in the center of the circle. He/she makes a gesture like casting a fishing rod toward another child. That child becomes the "fish on the line" and swims into the center. Both children greet and switch places. The new child in the center becomes the fisher person and the game continues until everyone has had a turn.

Say Your Name: A song that is great for practicing syllables with names. All sing, "Say your name and when you do, we will clap it back to you." That child then states his/her name and the class responds by clapping it in syllables. Repeat until everyone has had a turn.

Eyes Closed: This is another one that is so simple but my class really enjoys it. A child goes to the center and everyone else in the circle closes their eyes. The child in the center says, "Good morning _(name)__." That child can open his or her eyes, go to the center of the circle, and greet that child. The first child returns to the circle with eyes open. Everyone else remains eyes closed until they are called. Repeat by greeting another child with his or her eyes closed. It's interesting to have a discussion after this one to see how it felt to have eyes closed for that long.

Hope this has given you some ideas for new meeting greetings! Comment below if you have more.
I am always on the look out for more great greetings!

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